Dersa Electricity

"enerjiye yön veren marka"

Dersa Elektrik, which carries the mission of being “a brand which is giving direction to the energy” by its products and services it offers, is committed to providing the orders of its customers in the shortest time, prepared and delivered in best quality and to giving them support by dealing with all kinds of their problems.

Our company, which manufactures products such as Tube Coils, Underground Pipes and Spiral Pipes, is in a leading position in the sector with its continuously improving quality and capacity. If you wish to plan a comprehensive and fast procurement process in line with your project needs, Dersa ® will be one of the ideal solution partners to you for a successful process.


Our Mission

  • In line with the changing dynamics of Turkey, we keep the unconditional customer satisfaction in the forefront, follow up continuously the technology and put into service our new projects accordingly.
  • Our mission is to increase the value of our company by meeting the expectations of all our customers fully and economically, by improving and developing the processes with all our creative and participatory employees within the scope of quality, profit, term and new products.
  • This line is the beginning of quality and honesty principle. It is the smiling face of the world standards with its environmental management approach.

Our Vission

  • DERSA ELEKTRİK İNŞAAT MAKINA PLASTIK SAN.TİC.LTD. Sti. (i.e.DERSA ELECTRICITY CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY PLASTICS IND. TRADE CO., LTD), which follows up closely the rapidly evolving changes, is developing technologically for better quality production and is moving rapidly towards becoming a world company and brand in the plastic sector.

Our Quality Policy

  • Dersa Elektrik has come to these days without making any concessions to the universal, humanitarian and moral rules and principles since it was established. It has accepted a continuous development and improvement as the main goal by adopting the quality approach and the principle of excellence based on customer satisfaction in all processes from production to shipment.
  • It has been providing quality products and services with occupational health and safety and environmental awareness in order to meet the changing and evolving needs of its customers by investing in training and technology. Our customers know that their orders will be prepared and delivered in the shortest time in the best quality and that we will offer our assistance by dealing with all kinds of their problems.

Our Values

  • It is a kind of an establishment which is aiming at continuously improving the customer satisfaction and the quality, ensuring the implementation of the Quality Management System by creating and developing it, targeting the product quality and sustainability by a “tailor-made” sensitivity, seeing its suppliers, employees and customers as partners and jointly acts with them in mutual trust.

"We present solutions that add value."