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Dersa Elektrik has a leading position in its sector by closely following up the rapidly evolving changes, by always developing its technology and its corporate structure in order to offer better production and better quality products.

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a brand which is giving direction to the energy

Dersa Elektrik, which carries the mission of being “a brand which is giving direction to the energy” by its products and services it offers, is committed to providing the orders of its customers in the shortest time, prepared and delivered in best quality and to giving them support by dealing with all kinds of their problems.

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Everything for Electrical Installations.

a brand which is giving direction to the energy

Our company, which manufactures products such as Tube Coils, Underground Pipes and Spiral Pipes, is in a leading position in the sector with its continuously improving quality and capacity. If you wish to plan a comprehensive and fast procurement process in line with your project needs, Dersa ® will be one of the ideal solution partners to you for a successful process.


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