Human Resources

Our employees, who are quite well-educated, competent, accomplished and constantly investing in themselves, have a very important contribution in our success and sustainability in the sector. We aim at continuously improving our workforce and we invest continuously in our human resources accordingly.We organize outdoor activities such as weekend stop over nature and culture trips and boat tours, art and sports tournaments in order to increase the motivation of the company employees, to reduce their work stress, to strengthen the communication between them and to create a sense of belonging, as the company executives also participate in these activities, which we consider important in terms of strengthening their relations with the company employees, thus offering new opportunities for the success of the company with each passing day.

Our company, which manufactures products such as Tube Coils, Underground Pipes and Spiral Pipes, is in a leading position in its sector with its continuously improving quality and capacity. If you want to plan a comprehensive and fast procurement process according to your project needs, Dersa ® will be one of the ideal solution partners for you for a successful process.

Güvenlik Kodu


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